DUI Insurance Rates

Wow! I have had so many of my readers tell me the savings they got from using the car insurance quote service that I have on my site…I really hope you take the time to compare these rates today and I really hope you save a ton of money like most other visitors have. :)

Some things still stay the same when trying to lower your annual DUI insurance rate.

1. Raise your deductible to the highest level you can stomach. You only pay when you have a claim and YOUR insurance carrier pays.

2. Shop for discounts and ask for them even if you don’t seem to fit their categories. Military, AARP, good students, credit unions etc.

3. Consolidate your other coverages, like home insurance to one single carrier.

4. Compare rates every two years, ya its a drag but it seem to really work. Make your current carrier beg to keep your business.

5. Clean up your credit score, since most carriers will check your score to determine your risk ability to pay them

It’s not the end of the world that you got a DUI on your record now.

DUI insurance companies are NOT going to seek your business! Prove it to them that you pose little liability and this won’t happen again. Take an addiction recovery class and let them know you completed it without issues.

Prove to the carrier that giving you insurance coverage will not be added risk and this issue is behind you and you have taken the appropriate measures to clear up your addition.

At the top of this page you will see a form with a zip code box, enter your zip and see the list of auto insurance agents in your area. We suggest you get quotes from all of them as some of them are likely to deny coverage. Broaden your chances of getting coverage and request quotes from them all.

DUI Insurance

The smaller DUI insurance carriers that might be a little lesser known about, could be willing to give you coverage. As with anything else you can cancel policy and switch to another carrier the following year after you are proven to not be a high risk.

Your rates will slowly drop back to where they used to be over time. It can be a long process, so take your time and do it right the first time.

Best of luck to you, we know you can get through this!

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DUI Insurance